Less Sex Lovers Means a Happier Wedding

Less Sex Lovers Means a Happier Wedding

Individuals who have had intercourse with fewer individuals appear to be more pleased when they get married. Is there expect promiscuous romantics?

A “Parade of Brides” in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, this year Ilya Naymushin / Reuters

If you’re in the proverbial market, while you rack up phone swipes, very first times, and—likely—new intimate partners, you may begin to think about, Is all this work dating likely to make me personally happier with whomever We get?

Or in other words, will you be really getting any nearer to finding “the one”? Or are you just stuck on a treadmill that is hedonic of fans, condemned like some kind of intimate Sisyphus to be perpetually near to finding your soul mates, simply to realize—far, way too late—that they have been deal-breakingly disappointing?

Well, sociology has many regrettable news!

A sociologist at the University of Utah, has found that Americans who have only ever slept with their spouses are most likely to report being in a “very happy” marriage over at the Institute for Family Studies, Nicholas Wolfinger. Continue reading “Less Sex Lovers Means a Happier Wedding”